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which uni course should i apply for?

currently predicted B B C.

what is the best uni for architecture that i can get into with these grades in the uk
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A levels for architecture (table includes average UCAS points for entry)

your predicted grades are equivalent to 112 ucas points, anecdotally i can report that the people i know of that went to De Montfort (112-136 points for entry) are all doing pretty good now a few years out from graduation

when it comes to choosing a uni tho pick a place you'll enjoy living in for a few years, you cant really use uni rankings as a reliable indicator for future prospects with architecture, cause even if you go to a low rank uni, if you put together a killer portfolio you can get into the most prestigious practices
Original post by Anna-57
currently predicted B B C.
what is the best uni for architecture that i can get into with these grades in the uk

Hi there @Anna-57 !🤠

It's great to hear that you are looking at your options and considering a path into Architecture!

Definitely to connect with other students applying to Architecture programmes, and to ask some more opinions, this thread is a great starting place!

RIBA accreditation and therefore the maintenance of these standards and teaching is a big factor when looking into degree programmes in Architecture🏗️🌁

If you prefer to look at University rankings, taking into account RIBA accreditation, try to focus on what's most important to you! These could be factors such as employability, campus location, cost of living in the city/on campus, and industry connections throughout your studies.😊

These don't always correlate smoothly to ranking classifications, but are mostly taken into consideration, and are relevant factors looking into the latter Parts of the RIBA Membership🧑*🎓

For further info you can also see our response to another Architecture applicant to DMU here: Dmu vs welsh school of architecture vs university of Wolverhampton - The Student Room . This might give you a bit more of an insight into what University's could offer to you, as well as options out there, including DMU😎

Everyone is different and has slightly varying priorities and preferences when it comes to University culture, location, teaching styles, support, and careers options - so it is a decision very individual to you!

I hope this helps a little. Best wishes!

-Rose🌹, De Montfort University Rep.

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