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Elat 2025 entry: Oxford vs Cambridge

I want to study english at uni but I saw that they recently scrapped the ELAT, so I emailed them to see how the admissions process would be changed. They said it would be a greater foucs on contextual factors. I go to a private school, so would I be shooting myself in the foot if I apply to oxford? I prefer the city, social life and some elements of Oxford but there are elemnts of Cambridge I also really like. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
The ELAT has only been scrapped for the 2025 admission. It will most likely return for 2026 and beyond. This means that tutors will only be looking at personal statement, written work (essay), GCSE results, predicted A' level grades, contextual data, teachers references and interview if you're offered one. So not much different from previous years. Opt for the course and location that you like most.

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