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A levels choices for vet med

Hi guys, I have been considering doing biology chemistry and maths or psychology for next year
But I find math really hard and boring and I just don’t want to do it but i think it might be good for going into vet medicine. For psychology I feel like it is a more content subject that I could just remember it and revise it sounds much more easier and interesting than maths.
Also I kind of want to do fine arts too because I got a predicted grade 9 for it but considering it is very time consuming and weak subject I feel like I should not take it. instead take my free time to revise and maybe do EPQ? Idk
What do u guys think? give some advices if u can plsssss 🙏🏼
The entry requirements will be clearly stated on the relevant course page on each Uni website.

Unless it states that 'Maths is preferred' there is no advantage in taking it. Unis now have to be totally up-front and transparent about required A level subjects, and what is essential or 'preferred' for each course. There are no secrets, and no information that only 'special people' know. Whatever it states on the course page IS what they mean.

BVSc Veterinary Science | Study at Bristol | University of Bristol - AAA including Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics, Mathematics or Further Mathematics.

BVSc Veterinary Science : Aberystwyth School of Veterinary Science , Aberystwyth University - AAA including both Biology and Chemistry and 'a third A level of your choice'.


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