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Hello guys, around 4 days ago I found out that I got a 16/50 which should be a U. However, I aimed to appeal but i wasn’t informed that we had only gotten a day to appeal. Therefore, I missed it but now I’ve been picked for external moderation. I feel disheartened because of how confident I felt and the fact that our whole class averaged around the same marks as me. One of my classmates had it marked by a different teacher and she went from a 15/50 to 25/50 but our English teacher overruled that marking. I think my English teacher didn’t mark my coursework honestly and I suspect bias. She has never offered guidance or support with our NEA and our other teach wasn’t in for 1.5 years and always comes to class 30 minutes late. I am very worried about my chances of meeting my conditional university offers what shoud my next steps be?
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I got told by my teacher that the teachers try to give you as much marks as possible, but when they moderate you they would only ever go up or down by 1 marks even in rare cases by 2. So technically you are finished

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