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how does gcse history work (AQA)

just a little puzzled. for context, im homeschooled. do they give you a paper with all the questions for each depth study/wider world study on or do you have to book a specific paper? (like when you book maths u specify if it's higher or foundation)
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no you have to select which topics you want to cover for all the topics available (my school did this for me but ig you'd have to choose it yourself when you enter).
In the exam you get 2 papers in each of the two tests, eg in paper 1 i got a test on Germany and a test on Cold War as separate booklets, and you had to complete both in 2 hours. In paper 2 I am going to do Medicine and Normans papers, with 2 hours to do both of them (my advice is to not pick these if you have the choice lol, go with elizabethan england and migration instead or smth, your choice)

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