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Revision timetable

How to do revision timetable
Original post by db913
How to do revision timetable

I'd start by blocking out your days whatever way suits you best - and I'd suggest no block should be over an hour before scheduling a break. Everyone is different, it's all about figuring out the style that works best for you.

Once you know how much time you have you can plan what you want to do with each bit of time - whether it's mind mapping, writing up notes, highlighting text, past paper questions etc etc. You could do this for your whole week but it might be overwhelming, so day by day at first is a good start. Make sure to switch what you're doing up from block to block so you're not just doing the same thing over and over - that doesn't always help motivation.

Then stick to your timing as best as you can 🙂 My biggest tip is to not exhaust yourself - try to keep your working blocks short and sharp. Work for an hour, then take a break, then test yourself on what you did the hour before. See how much you've managed to retain.

What are you studying for at the moment - is it GCSEs or A Levels?

Caitlin 🎓️
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Original post by db913
How to do revision timetable

Hi @db913

This is a great question! I would start with a list of everything you need to revise and then each day, try and link your revision to anything you've covered at school / college to try and solidify it!

Using a calendar like google calendar is also really helpful to try and block out some time to revise and keep a schedule!

I hope this helps,

Rebecca, UCLan

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