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Balancing A level resits & work

Context, I’m predicted CCC
Year 12: I was working 5 days a week, I reached home at 8:30 and just slept as I was exhausted, whilst going to sixth form, led me to DDE as a end of grade. I was working like a man, I was exhausted.

Year 13: dropped down a day, made a difference and got my predicted to CCC which isn’t enough.

I’ve decided to resit my exams as I don’t want to settle on my future, I’d rather retake but I have a history of not balancing things well. For example due to my job in year 12, I believe it was a major reason to my grades.

I don’t want to compensate my grades in my retake year, because of working BUT I want to work, I pay for my own phone bill, lunch money etc. I like paying for my own things and not relying on my parents as they’d always make a fuss, i like not being dependent so I want to work. I also want to save so much money during my gap year.

Also from my 2 years of working I have saved 0, I have a bad relationship with money and want to save up during my alevel resit/gap year. My job pays well for short hours too! £24 per hour but I don’t want to get bad grades because of my i capability of balancing. I’d be doing 4 hour shifts for 4 days, do you think it’s manageable?

Trying to get my grades from DDE to AAA whilst working 16 hours a week, considering the fact that I think having a job in year 12, mentally destroyed me (I worked 20 hours with sixth form 5 days a week)

Is it possible, what should I do??
I think you already know what you need to do and I'm a bit confused with how you say you're earning £24 per hour, at 16 hours per week, so you're getting £1536 per month? I have no idea how you've managed to save up nothing so either you have significant bills or you're overspending on luxuries which you can't afford to have as a student. Theres nothing wrong with depending on your parents while being a young student and I believe they would provide you with enough, you seem to be spending a lot of money as a young student. You are still very young so you should expect a lot less. When you have the time to dedicate more to your career the luxuries will follow. For now you should forget about money and focus on whats infront of you, theres time for making money later. Eight hours a week is fine and you would still get £192 which is more than enough to pay for lunch and phone bills as long as you're careful with how you spend. I would get rid of the job all together.
Is it possible for you to take time off work? Like booking a holiday or something?

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