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will it work?

so i plan on asking my crush out soon. we get along really well and stuff and everything and have a bunch in common. its just a bit of a strange relationship atm. we get along and are friends but it also feels like a situationship. we have moments of potential romance and stuff and i feel a connection to him like i haven't had with anyone else before. i definitely like him. and it seems like it can turn into something moreso, ie: a relationship.
one of his greatest flaws tho is that he struggles to communicate his emotions and everything. he is such a rubbish texter but he is never dry. like recently, he hasnt been answering my messages (i've only sent 1) asking if he is ok and if he would like to hang out. he didnt answer, then again he wasnt in for the whole half of uni because he had something going on. so it must've been personal. i wasnt nosy or anything and just left it at that.
he kind of has some very weird habits and behaviour patterns. like i dunno why, he doesnt really have many friends and does not understand the typical male friendship banter of insulting one another so can be sensitive to that. he is also a victim of bullying and trauma coz of surgery and stuff etc so some stuff can be excused. he is trapped in a protective shell i feel like and is just very cautious i mean he admitted himself he is kind of a lone wolf.
i plan on asking him to see a movie or hang out together 2 months later after i sent the 1st text, giving him space and so i dont come across as too strong or desparate or something etc.
i plan on expressing myself to him and asking him out officially.
the text i plan on sending him (written out in advance lol) is something like: "hi (name) :3 i hope you're ok and everything is well for you. i am aware you have work experience and work on the weekend.
Apologies for asking again, would you like to meetup sometime, even if its in the evening for a couple of hours after work? We could go see Deadpool 3 when it comes out in July if you want?"
its not too long and it gets straight to the point. i feel like he is not saying anything or replying back at the moment because 1) he is going through something and 2) i can be quite energetic and full on kinda extrovert, so he probs thinks i am going to question him or something which i am not going to do. i want to break the line of uncomfortableness.
then when we watch the movie or something i take him to a spot and confess. i do it gently coz it is a lot to bombard onto someone and yh.
i want to go through with it but idk??? will it work??
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If it’s this angsty before it’s even begun it’s not a good sign. Personally I’d look for a Plan B
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Haven't you asked about this guy before, where he was posting stuff with his dad but not responding?

If yes, people said leave it, he's not interested and has too much going on.

If no, sorry, sounds very similar to another poster.

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