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unfinished dissertation

my dissertation deadline was today. my dissertation consisted of five components: abstract, intro, methodology, results and discussion. However, marks are additionally provided for references and inclusion of SPPS outputs and ethics in the appendix.

i would say i finished the first four sections to a good standard and think these would receive a high grade, including good referencing and appendix.

however due to high time constraints, i had to hand it in with an unfinished discussion section.

my discussion section included a good overview of results and a conclusion, however other areas were very fast and not structured the best, but this still included key criteria such as critical analysis of data supporting my findings etc., limitations and future research.

however the key missed component was missing the implications of my research, which i fear is severe.

with this, as well as a lack of structure in the discussion section, what grade penalty do you think this will have?
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The discussion & conclusion sections, as you acknowledge, are important parts of the dissertation, arguably the most important parts imo. What grade would you give it?
Its a weak attempt. Look at the marking scheme and what weight is put on each section. Implications of your research is a key chapter so if you have not done this section then expect a low grade.

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