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kcl or manchester for business

hi! i have received offers from kings college london as well as uni of manchester to study business management / intl mgmt. im torn between the two. i visited the kings campus and loved the vibe and atmosphere, however london is veryyyy expensive and i feel like it may be a bit overwhelming. ive booked kcl accomm last week but it’s 8 miles away from my campus too (not that transport isnt great in london).

however, i currently live in manchester so it would be a great financial gain as i wouldn’t have to pay for accommodation, and ive seen that uom is performing better than kcl, and is more targetted by employers too.

i am however quite sick of my home and i want to get the full accom student experience. both unis also have a year abroad opportunity that im interested in, but manchester has more usa options that im more interested in. aaahhh i actually dont know which one. pls help x

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