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Oxford Master Grading and Progression

Hey, everyone!
I am an overseas master's student in the MSD course at Oxford. My taught components make up 60 out of 100 marks. I've completed all of them and scored 35.65.
I hope this isn't too confusing, but all that's left are 40 marks for my dissertation. I'm feeling really bad about my performance so far. I've been hitting the 60s, and I could swear I deserved more. Anyway, the struggle is:

1 - I fear being biased about my perception and performing worse than ever. This means the dissertation I'm writing might be subpar and won't help me reach a merit (which, as far as I know, is the minimum needed for a future in academia).

2 - I fear I won't be able to continue in top-tier universities for a PhD/DPhil if I don't achieve it. Just the thought of failing is killing me. The university name counts a lot in my country, so it matters for my future (just as much as my research, unfortunately).

So, has anyone had a similar experience? Any words of encouragement? Should I expect a similar grade for my dissertation? I've never slacked, and I'm shocked by this situation.

Sorry for the drama. Thanks for your support.

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