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What do you need to do for a criminology degree? Is it worth it in work related field

I'm finishing A levels this year, (hopefully) but now I am stuck at the choice of what to do next. I have being looking into a criminology degree and work fields related such as criminologist or intelligence analyst, however I am not entirely certain as I have no one to guide me about anything. Can someone working or aware of these fields please help me guide with how these jobs would look like if I were to pursue them? The salary, work hours, work load, flexibility of working from home, vacation days and the ease / process of getting these jobs?
What should I do after my A levels to pursue these careers if I am to take interest in them? i.e university courses, degrees required and experience etc
Any help would be really appreciated please, I'm really at a loss here and the internet isn't helping much either (⁠╥ w ╥⁠).
I am pursuing this in Pakistan, if that info is of any help.
Hi, I hope you are well. Criminology is a great choice! Criminology is the study of crime within society, but, what is crime, why do people offend and what should we do with criminals? Why do we focus on crimes of the powerless, are crimes of the powerful more harmful? What is the role of the police and the criminal justice system? How does the news and media shape our understanding and experience of crime? How do race, gender, age, sexual orientation and class shape experiences of crime and victimisation? How does our more globalised world shape localised experiences of crime? If you have an enquiring mind, an interest in these questions and being part of the solution, then criminology is for you. Here at Teesside, we offer Criminology BSc (Hons). Studying this course would help you in a career towards Criminology.

You can enter a broad range of careers including the probation service, prison service, police, voluntary organisations and public sector or postgraduate training or study. Increasingly opportunities exist within private security, crime prevention and offender management. All programmes are designed to incorporate employability skills development alongside your degree course. Our staff utilise their extensive connections to provide many and varied opportunities to engage with potential employers through fairs, guest lecture sessions, live projects and site visits. In addition, we offer a series of workshops and events in the first, second and third year that ensure all students are equipped with both degree-level subject knowledge and the practical skills employers are looking for in new graduate recruits. Our award-winning careers service works with regional and national employers to advertise graduate positions and provide post-graduation support for all Teesside University alumni.

To study with us (if you're from Pakistan) you can check out the entry requirements here -

In terms of salary, workload and flexibility to work from home this would all depend on the job, location and company you work for.

For more info about our course view this page -
I hope this helps. Good luck! Emma.

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