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severely need motivation to revise for A Levels ft. my periods

Okay, so I've been revising for the past couple of weeks more or less effectively. At the moment I have a list with all the stuff I need to learn/revise before doing more past paper practice to improve.

So I KNOW my areas that need improvement. The only problem is that I keep starring at that list and don't want to do it. Like zero motivation. I know I might not get where I want if I don't but I just stare at it blankly. I am oscillating between frantic panic and plain indifference. (This started two/three days ago and I had my period today so I am not astonished Icl, I am just not in the mood for revision at all)

My first exam is in two weeks so I have a little bit of time left for cramming (I aim to up a grade from B to A in bio+chem)
I just need advice to get me out of this slump. Thanks.
Hi I'm in the same position here and do bio, chem, and maths - it's comforting to know there are others in the same position. I keep avoiding doing full past papers cause i feel so drained a few mins in - and I'm avoiding any issue topics of mine haha.

Good luck to you I hope for our exams sake we both feel better with everything soon. :heart:
i could’ve written this post i have a really poor attention span and i struggle to work for more than an hour without needing to get up and do something, i have a big list too full of stuff i need to do and cos I’ve fallen behind on it it looks even worse now lol, maybe try and do half a past paper mark it, then do the other half and mark it if you’re struggling with the motivation to sit for two hours cos that’s what i do and i find it helpful, good luck for all your exams :smile:

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