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Series and parallel circuit's

How to label parallel circuits and series when come to exam like how to plot and how to write values of these 2 things . Because I am so confused about this thing about difference. Thanks

Series means that the components are in the same loop like this ^^.

Idk if you need to know the rest of this in year 9 so ignore me if not. But the current is the same across the loop. In this example, the same current is in both lightbulbs (current is the flow of charge). The voltage is split and the different voltages in the bulbs will add together to find the total voltage (voltage is basically what pushes the current through the circuit).

This is a parallel circuit (more than one 'loop'). ^

The voltage and current is basically the opposite as last time. The total voltage is the same in each loop (same as the voltage of the battery). The current however is split in each loop and you add them together to find the total current.
I can't really remember what you learn in year 9, so please let me know if there is anything else you are confused about related to this question and I will try to help you understand.

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