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pip rejected for unfair reason

I applied last year, had my assessment over the phone in February.

Got a rejection letter in the post with pure lies on it.

Applied for mandatory reconsideration with more evidence and I wrote a longggg letter reiterating everything I said in my assessment and how none of it was mentioned in my rejection letter.

Got a phone call on Wednesday, looked up the number before answering which is what I do (like many other people) because I don't like answering the phone to people I don't know, which I mentioned in my assessment. Half of the people on the internet were saying it was a scam number, the other half saying it was PIP. Was about to answer, but they ended it after 5 seconds. Got a text half an hour later saying they were PIP and would ring me back Thurs morning.

I was expecting another call on Thursday from my GP, and they rang me so I answered, STRAIGHT AWAY as soon as I said "Hello?", PIP rang me. I didn't know what to do as the GP phone call was super important, but PIP hung up again after about 5 seconds. Didn't receive anything after that.

Today I rang the PIP helpline, I spoke to a really nice guy who was like "Ummm they've written they have made their decision as they couldn't contact you, I'll try to contact your case manager to see if they will change their mind as you were busy and you are ringing today", was transferred to my case manager or someone, she was like "Yeah as we couldn't get in touch with you we've decided to reject your application. You can appeal to a tribunal", and I was like so I've been rejected because I wasn't able to pick up in the 5 seconds you rang me? She said that unfortunately as I didn't pick up they've made the decision and it can't be changed.

Is this allowed? Common? My awful luck they rang me at the EXACT same minute, but surely they can't reject me solely because I didn't answer the phone?

Anyone else experienced this? I think this is absolutely unfair and I feel like crying because I've been waiting so long for this and they've just dismissed my application because I have a life? And they literally rang me for 5 seconds? :/
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Original post by fudgeyx
Look for advice on how to appeal it.The DWP do their best to deny you benefits.
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Sadly this is pretty representative of the system these days, it's awful. It could be worth talking to your local citizens advice to see if they can suggest anything else, but I wouldn't get your hopes up tbh. I hope you can get it sorted.

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