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What college/uni do you recommend me going to study Electronic Music Production?

I am a Year 12 student currently studying music, biology, and ctec digital media. I own a music scholarship at a boarding school and I'm an international student.

I have been interested in studying electronic music production and producing songs in my own time. I found BIMM one day and thought it was kinda cool as it only requires so few ucas points and offered in many locations. I went on one of the virtual open day and thought it was cool as well until I went here to look up BIMM and found some negative comments (mostly really bad comments and some say don't even go here as it is a waste of time) which seems fair as it only requires so little ucas point and there will be people who don't even want to try hard in the class.

After going through some posts here here are the Uni/College I found that people have recommended:
Leeds Conservatoire

those are the ones I found. I also found some music colleges such as Sprit Studios, ACM, dbs institute, ARU, point blank and ravensbourne.

please give me some ideas or suggestions you have.

Also I love Skrilex and deadmau5 those two are my inspiration.
Point blank
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Hi, why do you recommend point black
Original post by alvinyyyy
Hi, why do you recommend point black

Their point of presentation is phenomenal. My boyfriend starts there in September and they have sent him loads of complimentary gifts to welcome him and everything. They have a lot of pride which is good to see
For Electronic & Produced Music specifically then you should also look at Guildhall School of Music. It is a very, very competitive course, they only take a small number of students per year.

Apart from Guildhall, your list above is a good range of institutions to consider.

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