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*Competition* Guess the date of the general election!

The UK is set to have a general election on or before 28th January 2025.

The date of this is subject to a lot of speculation, but is not yet known, and is unlikely to be made public until the start of the campaign. Typically UK elections take place on a Thursday, but this is not technically a requirement.

The question here is quite simply, what date do you think the election is going to take place on?

We'll organise a bit of a rep prize for anyone who guesses the correct date!
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I’m going for 17 October. It’s before the US election and before the school October half term - and when nights aren’t yet too dark.
By this rate, as late as possible. The government seem completely fixated on the Rwanda Plan and 'stopping the boats', it has basically become their only policy and the only thing they can show for themselves after 14 years of failure. Either that or they're hoping for a miraculous economic recovery or major world event that will boost their polling.

So I'll say late Autumn / early Winter, maybe even next year.
I'm saying 24th October the last Thursday before the clocks go back.

Though I think the non-decision decision of the last Thursday possible is not out of the question.
I won’t guess now (I might give a proper guess or confirm this post as a guess later) but I’m thinking after the start of the new academic year (September and onwards) so that it’s harder for students like myself (because they know that most of us especially after seeing Brexit won’t vote Tory unlike Gen X and above who might be more likely) who are going on placement or back to university to vote.
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General election to be called for July 4 - watch Sunak statement live

I’ll be abroad… yay… 🤦🏾*♀️
Time to get someone else to vote for me then or use the post…
Well that proved all of us ****ing wrong, didn't it? 😂
Original post by SHallowvale
Well that proved all of us ****ing wrong, didn't it? 😂

It did, also wondering what the turnout will be.
I'm predicting the 4th July.
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What do I win?

I think it's a bit hard to accept an entry after the date was briefed all over the media :tongue:

The main discussion thread is here and we all lose, badly :rofl: