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UCL vs Bayes vs Warwick for Business Analytics

I have received offers from UCL, Bayes and Warwick for the MSc Business Analytics course. I know all three are great universities, but I have some doubts about each one.

Firstly, UCL School of Management (the department that offers this course) is nowhere to be found on any league tables for management schools (FT, QS, etc). Would that affect job placements after graduation? Also, I could not find any graduate employment report for this course on the UCL website which was a bit suspicious. They only passingly mentioned that 96% of the graduates were employed 15 months after graduation. However, since this course has major elements of STEM (Data Science), and UCL is very well known for its STEM brilliance, I am tending towards this uni. Plus, I want to go into the tech sector.

Secondly, Bayes Business School is very well-ranked (Top 50 in the FT Tables) and has an excellent employer reputation. But, City, University of London (parent uni of Bayes) is not ranked highly. Also, the employment report from Bayes does not mention what percentage of their graduates were employed and after what time after graduation. The report only mentions the top locations and sectors of their graduates. They have clubbed together all Management master's graduates (from different courses like MSc Business Analytics, MSc Digital Supply Chain Management, MSc Entrepreneurship, etc). The tech sector is not even mentioned in their employment report, which is a bit discouraging.

Finally, Warwick is also very well-ranked as a business school alongside Bayes (and even Imperial in the FT Rankings). Their employment report was the best and most detailed - 90% of the graduates received offers up to 6 months after completion. The only problem I have is that Warwick is not in London (not a big problem for many, ik). I want to live in London for the duration of my course and I feel like I will miss opportunities if I live in Warwick.

As for the course modules, I feel like UCL and Warwick have the best modules, while Bayes lags behind. I want to know which uni should choose for the best outcome of my career. My goal is to start a business in the tech sector after graduating.
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