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I need help in GCSE French foundation AQA

How should I revise for the French writing test on Friday?
Hi! I don’t do French but here would be my general tips for MFL writing:
Learn some top phrases which can be used for a variety of topics- no use learning ‘you don’t know who you are talking to on the internet’ if you can only learn a couple and there’s not a huge chance internet will come up. Better learning ‘I don’t know what to think’ or ‘it makes me happy/sad that it is that way’, which you can use a lot.
Not all of your paragraphs on the bullet points have to be equal, you just have to mention them all. If you feel a lot more confident in one, you can make that one longer.
Always try to fit at least three tenses, even if the question doesnt demand it. Best bet would be past present and future, but conditional is great if you can.
Good luck and hope this helps!

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