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Edexcel Physics A level 2022 question; Lenz's Law

for this question I'm confused as to why the copper disc rotates in the same direction,I thought if it were to oppose the change causing it shouldn't it rotate in the opposite direction? Could you explain why it rotates in the same direction?

A device called a clutch can be used to connect a motor to a load. The diagram shows a design called an eddy current clutch.
Several magnets are embedded in the plastic disc and it is rotated by the motor.

(ii) Explain, using Lenz's law, why the copper disc rotates. (3)
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Imagine two cars. If they were moving in opposite directions then the distance between them would increase much faster compared to if they were moving in the same direction. So I think of it as if they are moving in the same direction the car trailing the other is trying to oppose an increase in distance. I think this could be mapped to the disc scenario but not perfectly. It just helps me picture it better.

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