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mini vent

I don’t have friends i hangout with, i have online friends.
In college i was in a bad place mentally and only showed for lessons.

I’ve had time out of education after my alevels. I improved my appearance, tried different routines, gradually grew confidence and figured out what i want to study, i’m going to uni in Sept.
I also worked during my gap year. My last place had a lot of people my age and it was really fun i went out with them also, but didn’t make close friendships.

I’m much more comfortable and feel fine alone in public, but when I see other people together, with friends i feel inferior and it makes my mood very low. It’s an insecurity of mine and it’s difficult to deal with

I’m a bit worried for uni although i can have fun with people and i’m a good friend. I keep thinking back to when I was in college..
Dont worry you will be fine most people when they go to uni they look for freindship in the start so build some for example be freindly to a roomate if you have one and talking to those next to you and if you keep it up you will from bonds and to become close just hang out with them outside which shows that the frindhip isnt just like a classamtes i guess idk if that made sense or not but yh. Just rember most poeple would prob look for freinds to since its a new environment just try do in the start of the year cause afterward most people already find their plac ion freind gropus and so on and it will be harder.

Literally not to worry is the main point just be confident. When u actually get there you will realise you were worrying for nothing. Worrying about it will lower your confidence and ruin your chance by being too shy from what happened in the past not everyone is judgy remeber that and some may even feel the same as you and remeber to look ater yourslef and basically just be yourself and not try and change yourserlf for others cause that would make u unhappy in the long run.

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