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Foundation year types

What’s the difference between FdA and FdSC foundation years? Is a normal foundation year offered for most courses the same as those?
Neither of those are foundation years, those are foundation degrees which are a separate qualification equivalent to the first two years of university study.

Foundation years are integrated into the course so the title would be e.g. "BSc XYZ with Foundation Year", with the exception of a few international foundation years which are standalone courses.

Confusingly the term "foundation" is also used to refer to art foundation courses (formally FAD courses) which are 1 year Further Education (not Higher Education - so school/college level, not university level). But these are again a separate course.

This thread provides more info on the differences between foundation degrees, foundation years, and FAD courses:

If you want to do a foundation year as part of a degree though you should search for "XYZ with foundation year" in UCAS and check individual university webpages for the same.

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