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Anyone work in UI UX design?? What subjects would you suggest for A-Level and maybe Uni??
Original post by eshaalkazi29
Anyone work in UI UX design?? What subjects would you suggest for A-Level and maybe Uni??

I don't work in UI or UX, but I have done job related research in the area. They arguably don't require you to have any specific qualifications, just competence to do the work.

Having said that, if you were to do a degree it can be in

product design

digital marketing

graphic design

human computer interaction (HCI)

digital media and web design

computer science

digital design/media

media technology

web design.


Other than computer science and HCI, you generally don't require specific A Level subjects for any of the degrees mentioned. For computer science, it's recommended that you have A Level Maths. Failing that, you might be able to get away with Physics or Computer Science in your selection for some degrees. HCI is more likely available as a postgrad (it will require an undergrad in computer science).

UI/UX is generally available more as a postgrad degree:

One of the widely marketed course for UX design is the following at an Irish institute:

There are also some training resources that don't specifically require you to have a degree prior to starting:
This is what I would personally would look into should I decide to go into UX though.

Do note UX/UI is a design related role and there is no central regulatory body whose standards you need to adhere to. In other words, there aren't any accredited qualifications that you need prior to entering the profession.
The answer is more straightforward than you may think. A-Level's really don't matter that much. Study User Experience Design at your undergraduate and keep working on your portfolio, you'll be fine.
Touch-based user interfaces are increasingly popular, offering intuitive interaction.

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