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English lang paper 2 Question 5

“Cars are dirty, noisy, smelly and foreign dangerous. They should be banned from all town and city centres, allowing people to walk and cycle in peace.” Write a letter to your minister of transport arguing your point of view.

Dear Sir/Madame,

Recently last week, I took a walk down to the city centre and was appalled by the sheer amount of cars that lingered in the space. The horrid smell of petrol that permeated the air and the screechy noise of tires was unbearable. I even witness a poor, innocent civilian almost get trampled over by one of those monster machines.

This has to stop.

We as humans are mobile creatures - now what does that mean? It means that we are able to walk, run, cycle and travel wherever we want. So why are we depending on cars? I believe we should ban cars, especially in places where there is a large amount of people as cars are extremely dangerous. According to a study done by scientists: over 9000 people are injured from car accidents everyday in the UK. That number odd abnormally high! Those people could be children, your friends or coworkers, or even your own family! Do you really want to risk permanent injuries just because you are lazy? Without cars, imagine what a wonderful world it would be…

There would be no excessive amount of fossil fuels being burnt for petrol so global warming would not be so severe. We would have clean air to breathe; breathing problems wouldn’t be so high. We would get more exercise which would improve our health. It is proven that exercise is directly proportional to mood. We will be happier and appreciate the beat of life. Isn’t that great!

So this is why cars shorts be restricted or even better, banned. This way people will be able to walk in peace and appreciate nature.

Yours faithfully.

Please give some feedback for this!!! And mark out of 40. Thank you! :smile:

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