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Where do I go after getting a Masters in Medical Physics? (UK)

Right now I'm so confused as to what Jobs should I apply for after getting a masters degree in Medical Physics here in the UK. I am currently doing a masters at the University of Aberdeen and will finish by the end of august. But as early as now I want to apply for Jobs so I can stay here for longer as I am on a student Visa.

I know two routes to becoming a medical physicist here in the UK. Route 1 which is through STP. I have already applied here and got "shortlisted reserved". Although I am not giving up on this route, my ranking is kind of low and my chances of getting an interview is small, so I am trying to create plan B.

Route 2 as I understand it is trying to apply for Band 7 clinical scientist positions and convincing the trust that you are worth hiring over STP graduates and training until you get registered for HCPC. Again, I have little faith for this route as there is even smaller chance of getting in when you are competing with qualified STP graduates.

Another route I have heard of is getting experience in a job related to medical physics and building a portfolio which you submit to HCPC and get registered. Examples could be Nuclear Medicine Technologist, MRI technicians, Radiographers or Dosimetrists. I have searched for these positions and have found numerous vacancies, but all of them require the applicant to be registered in the HCPC. I am wondering how I could apply to these positions as a fresh graduate or am I looking in the wrong direction?

Now I am lost as to where I will go from here. Should I search deeper for radiographer or dosimetrist positions that accept fresh graduates. Are there other options for me here in the UK? or should I just apply for an alternate job in the meantime that offers sponsorships such as in care homes and wait for next year to apply again for STP?
Radiographers are an HCPC regulated profession so you'll run into the same issue.

I'd look for roles in medical physics that don't have registration as a requirement and work from there. You can use the experience to improve your STP application or spend several years working towards equivalence. If you can I'd apply for roles that are not in big cities so that the competition is lower. Here's 2:
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Hi! Thank you so much for this, I now have a starting idea of where to look and what to look for. I'll definitely try and apply for these positions as well.

Again, thank you!

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