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can i get a 2:1 in my dissertation

can you still get a 2:1 in your dissertation with a weak discussion if the other parts or your dissertation are strong?

I used loads of references and a good structure throughout my dissertation but ran out of time when i reached my discussion.

in my discussion i only used very few references and missed out key parts, like i briefly mentioned a few limitations and guide to the implications , however these areas were weak which i an concerned about as i know these are important areas of the dissertation.

however, the rest of my discussion like summary of results, and linking them to previous research and crititically analysing them etc. and i had a good conclusion too.

would the lack of implications and weaknesses ruin my chances of a 2:1, even if the rest of my dissertation was really good or can they be compensated for by strengths in other areas ?
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I think you've posted before?
I don't think anyone can give you a definitive answer.

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