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Bringing notes/study aid into exam halls abd being timed to do it

So I have this argument with exam organisations for year to point to petition for this change
Why do exam bodies consider taking in notes/aids etc cheating or collusion
I mean what if someone Haa mental issues or has autism or memory issues etc
I mean what if person cant remember anything
I mean no body can remember lines of a essay or facts or remember math problems or remember tonnes of information only to go into exam hall and given a blank sheet of questions and getting time I mean it's 2024 no need to be timed should give people sd much time u need or all day if required like why do thus no body csn remember everything and write down in good hand writing with in a timed a environment its not possible

Rules need to change yo allow aids lije notes or anything I mean it's not cheating its support like people have various mental abilities not every one csn score A+ perfect

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