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Spanish aqa gcse vocabulary list


On the AQA GCSE Specification for SPANISH, there is a list of 'General Vocabulary.' I understand that these may be on the reading paper, but do I need to know them actively (so from English to Spanish) as well as passively (from Spanish to English)?
Do I need to understand them being 'said' in the listening papers? If so, how would I learn it, so I can understand both written down and verbally?

Thanks! So basically, what is the GENERAL VOCAB on GCSE spec used for and how do I revise for it

(BTW, I am aiming for GCSE GRADE 9)
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ideally learn most of the list. Maybe print them out the english and try translate as many as u can to spanish. But i think the best way to revise is past papers. do all the listening and reading past papers if u havent already - its great revision!

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