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For the last three years, I've been completing an undergraduate degree via distance learning with the Open University. I started my degree in England, so it was funded through SFE.

A year and a half ago, I moved to Scotland. I continued with my distance learning degree and did not change to a Scottish institution. Funding continued through SFE, since the degree began in England.

I'm starting my postgraduate at a Scottish institution this September. I've been told by SAAS that I do not meet their eligibility criteria, as:

"We do not count any period that you are in Scotland only or mainly for full-time education as ordinary residence. As you are studying a postgraduate course straight after your first course of higher education, you must apply to the same organisation that gave you funding for your first course."

I don't understand why this is - for no period of time so far have I attended a Scottish institution. I have been ordinarily resident in Scotland for over a year as it's clear I didn't move here for the purpose of education - otherwise I would have switched to a Scottish institution partway through my undergraduate, surely? Do I even meet the SFE eligibility criteria any more? It won't let me fill out an application online due to my Scottish address. I'm hesitant to go through the paper application route in case SFE says that I need to apply with SAAS. I don't want to just get passed around like a muppet.

If anyone has been in this situation before and has any clarification or advice, I'd really appreciate hearing from you!
Probably best to reach out to SAAS directly and explain you were doing a degree with the OU?

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