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How to structure comparison essays for psychology aqa a level p2?

If the q was outline the cog approach compare to one other approach 16 m
Is the ao1-cog approach
How would you do the A03-like what would be the link /this matters because for each paragraph is it saying which is a better explanation
AO1 - outline the cog approach (pick a concept/two and explain them)
AO1 - outline ur second approach
AO3 - a difference between approach 1 and 2 is this.... (maybe one is soft determinism (cog) and the other supports hard determinism (biological))
AO3 - another difference is their application to a topic (approach 1 says depression is cognitive, approach 2 says its biological), this leads to diff treatments
AO3 - a similarity is that they both use scientific methods.... however cognitive relies on inferences and bio is more subjective
AO3 - another differences is nature vs nurture (bio is entirely nurture, cog is a bit of both)

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