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Global student community to support US students standing for their rights

Last month the USA made another step towards totalitarian regime.

Response of the current American Government to peaceful expression of citizens' opinion is disastrous. Many student and human rights organizations strongly condemned violations of core democratic principles.

Yet, it's not enough. It seems as though those voices of righteous indignation have gone unheeded by authorities. I just appeal to those who consider those protesters are rebels impeding the learning process.

Actually, those students, and faculty just expressed their opposition to Governmental foreign policy. And the reaction raises great concern over the future of the US democracy and even its very existence. Don't kid yourself: where is no democratic rights are respected, there is no accessible learning process.

We may disagree with the motivations of the protesters. But the more important is violation of constitutional liberties by the Government we chose to secure our First Amendment rights. That's what on stake today. That's what we have to defend. We appeal to students and activists all over the world to support us

Do not keep silence. Do not stay away. We're the future of global science. We have to stand together.

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