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in my paper for poetry i wrote a poem is free verse when the rhyme scheme is actually abab. will this affect my marks significantly and how many marks do you think I will lose.
As long as you have not made it a big point in your analysis and it was used in passing, then it should be a fairly minor mistake, I can't remember how many marks the question is out of but relative to 10 marks you would probably only lose 1-2 so don't worry too much, I understand overthinking after exams :smile:
examiners don't take away marks, if you have written something wrong they will ignore it and mark whats right rather than take away points for you incorrectly saying the wrong thing. The only time this isn't the case is if rhyme scheme was your only analysis for form/structure or you didn't put enough analysis elsewhere which in that case you will lose marks for that. Thats what my teacher said and they're an examiner :smile:. So if you have a lot of analysis you might possibly lose none, but worst case scenario, depending on your exam board, you'll lose very few marks on analysis

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