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My first ever GYG!

Hey I just wanted to start a GYG for my GCSE exams that I'm currently in the middle of.... A bit late but yk we move

I have already finished all my sciences but Physics, half of maths and half of ancient history but I still have 10 exams left

These areeeee (and my expected grades)
Physics - A*
Maths (calculator) - A*
Ancient history - 7
RS - B
English language - A
Welsh - A
Design Tech - A
PE - A

The most important ones are PE, maths, and physics bc I really like them or plan to continue them at A-level
If anyone has any advice or wants to tag people be my guest- I struggled with stress right before my chem exam and almost cried looking at the questions but it's ok!

I'll try to update daily and tell you guys how the exams went.....
Best of luck for your exams! I got similar grades to the ones you are aiming for (I didn't do welsh, design tech or pe though, and I did normal history) so if you need any general advice then feel free to let me know :-)

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