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Sociology paper 1 ten marker

I’m stressing because I did fine on every other question except this one and I don’t know if my answer was even right

“Outline and explain two ways that research design has been influenced by feminism”

My first point was representativeness and how the criticism of ‘male stream’ sociology alongside the social policies which force women to be integrated into society equal to men forces sociologists to include women in their studies and seek to gain highly reliable data.

My other point was intersectionality and how criticisms of first and second wave feminism was criticised for prioritising white women and led to ethnic minority and queer women to be included in third wave feminism, and as a result included in more sociological studies.

Were any of these right? :’) I’m so bothered by this so unnecessarily because everyone’s saying different things about what the question meant. I wanna know what everyone else wrote too.

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