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How many marks can be deducted from my gcse english essay?

I sat my AQA gcse english literature paper 2 exam today and realised during an essay on An Inspector Calls that I misread the question. The question was related to how the Inspector is presented to express the need for social change but I wrote my first two paragraphs on Mrs Birling and Sheila (still linking it to how the Inspector attempts to catalyse change in both). I’m worried that this’ll affect my grade as my analysis was good and I usually get 8/9s in english. Please be totally honest on whether or not the marks that’ll be deducted will have an impact on my grade. Thanks
Hey, as far as I'm aware AQA board has 2 exams for English Literature right? So based on how your response was for English Literature Paper 1 the overall grade will be both paper 1 and paper 2 grade's average. Hence, If you feel confident that your paper 1 has been excellent then the result with paper 2 will cancel it out and I'm sure you did great, have some faith. All the best for your upcoming exams! I hope the unseen poetry went well too. Last year I sat my gcse's and somehow managed to get an A* in English Literature, to be completely honest English is a LOT and we can agree there is only so much that can be in our heads especially when you're in the examination hall. Don't worry I'm sure everything is going to turn out okay😊

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