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Year 11 Prefect Application

I am applying to be a head subject prefect in either psychology or biology, so I have to submit 2 forms. I need to submit this tomorrow, so I'd appreciate if someone could read this and give me some feedback:

My predominant idea is to create a support club for students, in order to assist them in achieving a better understanding of key concepts in STEM subjects. Once a week, I would like to arrange for Year 10s & 11s to tutor students during form time. This would be mainly for pupils who have trouble understanding maths, biology, or other STEM subjects, which will hopefully
For two years, I have been volunteering for Reader Leader in the LRC to help Year 7s & 8s with their reading skills. This has enhanced my communication skills, as well as allowing me to encourage younger students. I have also participated in multiple sports clubs, including netball and rounders since Year 7, which has improved my teamwork skills. In Year 8, I was Vice Captain of the netball team, which has allowed me to develop leadership and organisation skills.
My younger sister will be joining the school in September. This motivates me to make the school a healthy and safe place that supports younger students in as many ways as possible.
I believe that I am organised, punctual and approachable, which is why I think that I would be a great prefect.

I also have to submit another form to be a head prefect:

I believe I have the qualities required of a prefect as I am reliable, responsible and am prepared to carry out duties to the best of my ability. I am confident that I can set a good example to all students in the school, as I am sensible, mature, and always follow our uniform rules and . I have regularly helped out at open evenings, from which I have gained confidence in communicating with parents and visitors. I have volunteered for Reader Leader for 2 years where I tutored a year 7&8 students with their reading. I have really enjoyed this and have developed valuable skills in interacting and motivating younger students. Since Year 7, I have participated in sports clubs, including netball and rounders. These activities have allowed me to gain experience of interacting with a range of people, working as a team, and developing a sense of responsibility and commitment. I am prepared to take on the responsibility of being a prefect.
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This is an excellent application These sound very professional similar to what you would expect from a personal statement ( part of the application process for university)

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