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Opinions on Duolingo and other language learning sites

What are your opinions on apps such as Duolingo and Memrise? What about Babbel or any other sites?
i've not used babble before, but i can talk about duolingo and memrise. they both offer education based on you/ mistakes you make so are worth checking out. but memrise is more rigid, and has set translations to set words, so you can translate it into a synonym. but duolingo allows you to do that, and is also more fun in my opinion. theres a really competitive game style to duolingo and its similar to social media, just language learning. i prefer duolingo as it's easier to stick to and keep up a streak- plus theres a weird community aspect of it? google it on social media you'll see what i mean!
the only issue i have with either of them is that they don't really teach/ explain grammar rules and when and where to use some formal/informal vocabulary. so its best to uses the apps as a supplement to education you already have.
personally also prefer duolingo because it got me from a gcse grade 4 to 9 in german over the course of 7 weeks where i grinded it.
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