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My review on the recent exams: Media AQA p2, English edexcel p2 & p1, Geo edexcel p1

Media was.. fantatstic. I was convinced that instead of being predictable AQA would do the unexpected and do His Darkk Materials and I was right.

English Paper 1 was honestly great and especially inspection Calls I was basically rejoicing when I saw how the Inspector represents Eva that was a God-given question.
r.i.p aqa english lit peeps who put Mr Birling instead of Mr Birling :/

English Paper 2 now... I only revised Dr Lanyon thinking if he comes up that's nice if he doesn't I may just waffle my way out. I was so happy when I saw Dr Lanyon (this time the predictions were pretty accurate apart from that random B question).

Let's talk about geography, I can't lie I wonder if aqa kids got any case studies on their papers because there wasn't a single case study on the WHOLE of the geography paper. My only word was.

Sometimes I think AQA genuinely asked AI to like spam a bunch of words and like blindly choose a random word because thought death was alright but I had to do a little extra waffling there...

Ridiculous. My 2 years of cramming all those case studies in my head was basically for nothing like that was just purely annoying another reason, so disappointed in edexcel like you let me down there man. Anyways what do you think tells me how y'all exams went, I also want to know how other people form other specs how their exams went. :smile:

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