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results disertation!!!

i just realised i did not include p stats in independent t test results in my dissertation!!

this is an example of what i wrote:
Preliminary analyses confirmed normal distribution (skewness -0.013 and -0.385)
and equality of variances between the groups (F = 0.006, p = .937). Descriptive
statistics revealed the ASD group to exhibit a lower mean MLU than the TD group,
yet a higher standard deviation. This information is displayed in the table below.

Table 2: Descriptive Statistics for Mean Length of Utterance (MLU).
Group N MLU M (SD)
ASD 16 3.05 (1.03)
TD 16 3.69 (0.99)

An independent samples t-test revealed a significantly lower MLU in the ASD group
than the TD group (t(30) = -1.812). This was further supported by a Cohen’s d effect
size of -0.64 which indicates a moderate to large effect size, as well as practical
significance of the results.

how badly will this affect my psychology grade??

(note: i included all SPSS outputs in my appendix too, so the significance can be checked here, although i did not explicitly state it myself in the results section)
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