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Picking an insurance choice..

I've decided my firm choice but I really don't know what to do with my insurance choice. It's recommended to pick one with a lower offer but there was only one that offered lower... that I don't really think I want that much anymore. I kinda wish there were 2 insurance choices because I'm starting to get paranoid I'm not going to get the merit. Should I gamble on one of the 2 merit-wanting universities taking a pass grade , or should i really play it safe and put in the pass-wanting uni...
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Dont ever choose a Uni you don't want to go to!

You don't need to have an Insurance choice if you don't want one - you can just select a Firm choice and leave that blank.
Or, you can choose another offer with the same grades in the hope that they might still take you if you missed the offer grades. If they didn't - ie. you were rejected from both your Firm and Insurance - you would still have the option of Clearing.

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