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AQA A-Level Psychology P2 12 markers

Hi everyone, could really use some help on the design a study questions. I haven't properly been through any with my teacher and have no idea if what I'm doing is right. I've included my response to q28 from the 2019 paper below, would really appreciate any feedback, thanks!

Q) design an independent groups experiment the psych teacher could conduct

Provide details of the following:
the aim of the experiment
identification and manipulation of variables including details of the task
controls to minimise the effects of extraneous variables
data handling and analysis - use of descriptive statistics and/or data presentation
Justify your choices.

A) the aim of this experiment is to investigate whether number of days students have to prepare for a test affects test results. this will be carried out by the psychology teacher informing one of her year 12 classes they have a test tomorrow, and the other class in a weeks' time. the questions should be different to prevent cheating but be standardised to the same difficulty level and overall number of marks in the test. She should also ensure the test is taken in the same lesson period for both groups, eg period one or period four. The independent variable is the number of days before the test and the dependent variable is the mean class score. She could display this data on a bar chart for easier comparison, the average test scores of both classes excluding anomalous results, eg one significantly lower than the rest.
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my teacher told us that for these questions it is possible to write your answer with headings and bullet point style sentences, which makes it clearer for the examiner to read also

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