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More sleepless nights ig

I got a few of my papers back from my mocks, so far I'm on CD. I am so finished. I do four A levels (wanted to do 3, but my teachers told me I am "fully capable to handle it" - well, obviously not), I achieved A*AAA earlier this year. How did I drop so badly???? I'm so stressed about this because I DID want to apply early, for Oxbridge, but my UCAS predicted isn't looking good. I've been given the chance to resit for one subject (3 months ago: A*, now: C), which is good. But what I'm worried about is maths .... A to D is crazy. It's actually embarrassing going to class now, my teachers say it's alright, but I feel ashamed to do this bad when they work so hard to teach. I don't get a chance to fix up for maths and now I'm stuck with a UCAS grade D - definitely can't apply for Oxbridge now...The other subjects - one I'm going to drop (I can't stay on 4 courses anymore the workloads too much), the other I'm doing well in - it's just that it's kinda irrelevant to the uni course I want to do.......this was sorta a vent about school life. I really hope this set of mocks was just an anomaly - I've never done so awful before A*AAA -> CD??

Has anyone else had a similar experience???
I'm sorry you're stressed about your recent mock results. Try not to worry about it and get into a routine where you can shut down your brain for the night - I know it's easier said than done - but it sounds like you're putting too much pressure on yourself. When you get the chance, identify what caused the drop in grades and evaluate your workload. Set yourself *realistic* goals (i.e. manageable Pomodoro 50/10 study sessions), and create a study schedule focusing on weaker subjects, especially maths. If you need help with this - you can always ask your teachers for advice!

Now for UCAS: Highlight your strengths in your application and include your extracurricular activities. If you haven't already, discuss your predicted grades with teachers and keep an open mind about other excellent universities—you can always do Oxbridge later in life! I rejected my Cambridge offer because I went through a similar situation and found another University I felt a lot happier with!

Try to stay positive and remember that mocks, more often than not, downplay your success! I hope I've been able to help. Best of luck! 🤞

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