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Are my GCSE grades good enough for applying to Bristol Uni?

I'm currently sitting my GCSEs (class of 2024) and I'm afraid that my GCSE grades will cause my application to be weak in the interview process for Bristol Uni. I hope to do a Law-Spanish course there. My grades in the subjects I'm taking for A level are strong (History, Spanish and Law) and I'm incredibly passionate about what I have chosen but I'm worried that I need all 8's and 9's if I have a chance at getting in.

My predicted grades:
History: 8
Spanish: 9
French: 8
English Lit: 7
English Lang: 7
Maths: 7
R.E: 7
Combined Science: 7-7
Drama: 5
Music: 9 (achieved)
Hi- I can’t speak specifically for the course and university you plan to study/attend, but I can speak from a general perspective and my experience of how much weight your GCSEs will probably carry in your university application!

To be honest, once you have A Levels, your GCSE grades don’t really matter that much. I’m not saying that GCSEs aren’t important- they really are- but it’s just like how once you gain a bachelors degree no one asks you about your A Levels! If you’re planning on going to university, GCSEs are just stepping stones leading to further qualifications. They will prepare you for A Levels just how A Levels prepare you for a bachelors degree.

Absolutely try your best in your GCSEs but don’t worry about it too much; the anxiety around it could actually hinder your performance! The best advice I can give you is to just concentrate on your GCSEs for the next few weeks until they’re over and have some fun afterwards because you’ll have plenty of time to worry about things like that in the future. Enjoy this summer and really take advantage of it- I wish I did more of this haha!

Ultimately your GCSE grades only really determine if you can progress to study A Levels, and then your A Level grades will ‘take over’. By the time you apply to university (if you plan to go straight after finishing A Levels), it will be the grades you obtained for your AS Levels, your predicted A Level grades, and any interviews you need to attend that determine whether you’re made any offers from universities, and then your A Level grades on results day determine whether you meet the conditions of those offers and therefore get a place!

I hope this helps, and I’m happy to answer any others questions if you have any!

Best of luck with your GCSEs, by the sounds of it, you’ll do great! Being passionate about your chosen subjects counts for a lot as it will show in your work.
Your GCSE grades will be fine. They are very good,
For Law at Bristol, qualifications are assessed as GCSE 20% | A-Level 40% | LNAT 40%
So your overall GCSE profile is of minor importance compared the the other two factors.
Focus on your A levels and stop worrying about your GCSEs.

Btw - the Law/language courses are much less competitive than straight Law at Bristol, and if you meet the A level requirement and dont entirely mess up LNAT, your chances of an offer are very high.

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