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Accused of using AI tools

Dear students,
I posted last week about being falsely accused of plagiarism,
Well my last update is that Uni ,
Just accused me of using AI tools....

Which is a comedy situation because I'm so confrontional against AI tools.

I've never used AI tools and I'll never use this kind of things to do any of my assessments.

What are your thoughts in this situation?

I said that this procedures of marking assessments have to change....
But now definitely the system it's wrong at all levels.....

Difficult times for students
Feeling guilty for no reason.
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You will need to wait and see what evidence they are using to support this allegation. Remember, it is only an allegation at this stage. If you did not use and AI apps to write your assessment, you have nothing to worry about imo. In the meantime, can you start pulling together the materials you used to write the assessment, including any drafts. Plus speak to the SU who will have an overview on this kind of thing.

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