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Economics and International Economics at Nottingham?

What's the course and university like? Why does no one seem to talk about this course lol
Original post by archagan
What's the course and university like? Why does no one seem to talk about this course lol
Why would lots of people talk about it?

It's good, but it's essentially the same as the BSc Economics there, except it has some compulsory international trade modules in the place of some optional modules. So the only difference is that you get a different degree title but get less choice over the modules.

I think there may be some benefit for degrees like this that are variants of straight economics courses. But this is only when the variant makes the degree sound better or more quantitative (e.g. BSc Economics and Econometrics), which makes the trade-off between less module choice but better course name worth it. I don't think many conclude that the course you mentioned has a sufficiently better degree title (BSc Economics and International Economics) versus the standard BSc Economics there, so the cost of restricting your module choice makes little sense.

Moreover, international trade generally isn't the most popular area of economics, especially among UK domestic students. So I reckon many domestic students just go with the standard BSc Economics.
Original post by archagan
What's the course and university like? Why does no one seem to talk about this course lol

Hello from Nottingham, @archagan!

In terms of the University of Nottingham specifically, the Economics and International Economics BSc is studied at
University Park Campus, which is a fantastic location to study!. The course itself is composed of a number of compulsory modules as well as a number of elective ones that you can pick in accordance with your interests. During your first year, for example, you would be looking at having 12 contact hours which can be in the form of lectures, tutorials, seminars and computer laboratory sessions depending on the module. You may find more information about the course in general here: Economics and International Economics BSc

The campus itself is easily accessible from different locations across the city by public transport thanks to the buses and the tram lines. There are a lot of quiet areas and group study areas that you may use to your advantage during the academic year to revise and work in general. It is also a really green space, especially at this time of the year and it is not uncommon to see other fellow students enjoying the sunshine in several places across the campus.

When it comes to student life, the university does have lots of societies to join, ranging from different sorts of sports to course-specific societies. In consequence, societies are a great way to meet new people outside of your course, which is helpful I feel, especially when one moves to a different city to go to university. As for accommodation, there are options both on campus and off-campus, which can also be catered or non-catered depending on your what you may be looking for!

If you have any questions about different aspects from University of Nottingham, feel free to contact us!

All the best,

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