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Law degree but wants to do PGCE English

I have a law degree but was thinking about doing an English PGCE. I have received an offer but I am thinking about whether I should go through with it because I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to get a job as an English teacher as quick as I would have wanted. Does anyone know about whether Schools require an English degree to teach English or are they not as fussed as long as you have your QTS& PGCE in English?
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I think it could be worth calling few school and asking about it. You could as well put on CV that you already have PGCE and apply for jobs to see if you get responses. I would recommend as well to get experience working in school either volunteering or as teaching assistant, it can be only once a week or less but for sure will make your application stand out.
Hi @syasmin223 ,

it is very common for law students to become English teachers. Once you are qualified, you do get a job on your ability to teach and this is usually demonstrated on the day of the interview as you often have to teach as part of the interview process.
English is a priority subject so there is a great need for English teachers.


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