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KCL vs Durham for Investment Banking

Hi all,

I’m currently doing a foundation year at INTO Manchester, and I’ve received offers from 4 out of my 5 UCAS choices (I got rejected from Warwick). I plan to attempt to get a job in Investment Banking or Consulting (yes I know none of these are targets, the G5 uni’s don’t recognise the NCUK foundation year - a story for another day).

Essentially I am having trouble deciding which university to go to, because none of them are target universities and as far as I know, as semi-targets mostly offer the same opportunities even if they’re higher/lower semi-targets, please correct me if I am wrong.

I’ve visited KCL and I’ve walked around UOM and seen their facilities, I have never been to Durham or Bristol, just their online undergraduate seminars. I’ve heard from seniors in KCL that getting a job in finance is not hard since the university is established in the finance scene and being in London offers more networking events but I’ve read online that all of them offer equivalent opportunities, which made my initial decision of firming KCL harder. Currently I’m considering KCL/Durham for my firm, and Manchester/Bristol for my insurance.

Any advice would be appreciated since I am essentially at a crossroads with no clear direction to me.

Here is the list of offers that I have:
KCL - BA/BSc Political Economy (A*A*A)
Durham University - BA PPE (A*AA)
University of Bristol - BSc Economics with a year abroad (AAA)
University of Manchester - BSc Economics (AAA)
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Durham, KCL, Bristol in that order. Manchester is not really a semi target.
Original post by new-sick
Durham, KCL, Bristol in that order. Manchester is not really a semi target.

I don't see why there would be a reason for any particular order among Durham, KCL, and Bristol. All equal. If anything KCL may be a tad more useful since you'd be in London. Otherwise no difference whatsoever. All depends on personal preferences.

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