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Do I still need to lose weight to be able to date?

I’m 30 and never been in a relationship besides a few dates in the past. Over the past year, I’ve lost 30 lbs to improve my appearance and get healthier. I used to be 210 lbs, now I’m 180 lbs (or roughly 82 kg). However, I still have a chubby face and loose neck skin.

Are these factors genetic or do I need to slim down more?
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Preferences can vary to some extent as to what people are attracted to, but in general, if you were to get a sample of 1000 people in the west, the vast majority would find someone of a healthy weight much more attractive than someone who looks unhealthily overweight. You should just aim to be healthy really. You'll feel better, feel happier, and that will come across to others.

82kg is a really good and healthy weight if you're a 6 foot plus male. If you're a 5 foot female then it's still classed as medically obese and you'd be healthier in the long term to lose a some more.

Your point about genetics... yes, genetics affect everything, including where the fat is stored (such as the face). It can make it harder for people whose bodies naturally want to be at a higher body fat percentage (the body will fight you a bit by slowing down metabolic rate), but in the end, you will still keep losing weight all over your body (including the face) if you maintain the calorie deficit. This always holds true.

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