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Colleague - friendly or potential romantic interest?

It's about a colleague (we're both part-time workers, so it's not too serious). We met about 7 months ago when we had the same shift and made some small talk. She seemed surprised when I told her that I study graphic design. I had noticed her before when I saw her while passing by. She was talking to colleagues and turned to me and smiled as I walked by. Months passed and I saw her on Hinge and liked her twice, but unfortunately, we didn't match. Well, it's not a big deal, and since then, when we've run into each other, we haven't greeted each other, and there seemed to be a kind of distance, which I understood, and it was okay.
There was even a situation once when I was having coffee with a friend and she was working. I noticed that she might have been looking at me, and that was the case - her gaze was directed at me, but her facial expressions were dazing off but it felt like a discomfort.

Last week, we had a company party, and I saw her with her friends. I noticed that she and her friends were talking and then looked over at me briefly; I was standing about 3-4 meters away. Later, when she was standing in line with her friends, I walked by, and we held a quite prolonged eye contact, slightly smiling more smirking, if I remember correctly, and her gaze shifted down to my pants/shoes, as if she was scanning me.
Well, I sent her an Instagram message the day before yesterday, specifically an invitation message. It's a new feature on Instagram - you can only send one message and the recipient has to accept it. Now we're writing bit back and forth. I worked on Friday, and she joined later because there was an event. She shortly greeted me with a ''hi''. Later, I messaged her on Instagram to ask if everything went smoothly, and she asked when I would be there the next time. I told her how my schedule will be and asked about hers and she told be that she will be working at end of the months, so her saying that she as a bit of a vacation. I thought that would be a nice idea to ask her for a coffee or so.
Still, I'm still not sure if she's just interested in just being friends or if there's something more. What do you think?
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It’s a bit mixed and if she’d been keen she would have probably matched. Although things do seem to be warming up a tad so no harm in an ambiguous date request like meeting up for a coffee

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