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How can I stop worrying about my boyfriend's coworkers?

My boyfriend said his male coworkers, how mostly all have girlfriends, talk about female colleagues in a really sexual way. Like his co-workers say stuff like they want to **** that(name of coworker) coworker. Like even tho they have a girlfriend.
I was kinda shocked when my boyfriend said that. My boyfriend doesn't say anything like that.on the contrary he's always talking about me to his co-workers. But still the fact he's around guys who talk like that about female co-workers make me feel kinda sick. Like one of his co-workers is thinking of breaking up with his long term girlfriend for a girl at the company. Like wtf??
Is this ******* normal??is it normal to talk about wanting to **** other girls even if you have a gf?I don't lile my boyfriend being surrounded by those scum. Also he's Japanese and we live in japan
Unfortunately a lot of men do this but we’ll never know if ours do. I used to be the same with my last partner he would claim he’d never do that but I knew how his friends talked. Same with my cousins partner, also claimed he’d never do that but again know how his friend group talks. Well never know, just hope he isn’t doing it too.

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